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the sla-4 from art is a rack mountable 2-channel power amplifier designed for studio use. it offers a wide frequency response with very low noise and distortion for quality audio output. input is via 1/4" and euroblock connectors, while output is via 5-way binding posts. each channel has its own level control on the front panel.


the sla-4 can operate in multi-channel, stereo, or bridged mode, and features a ground-lift switch to eliminate hum caused by ground loops. the unit offers full protection circuitry for short circuits, overloads, and overheating. if any faults are detected, the amplifier will disconnect the outputs and automatically return to normal operation when the fault is fixed. the smartfan cooling system offers silent fan-assisted convection cooling to keep the system running reliably.


1ru steel housing
_x000D_ high quality audio with low distortion
_x000D_ individual level controls for all 4 channels
_x000D_ 1/4" and euroblock inputs, and 5-way binding post outputs
_x000D_ multichannel, stereo, or bridged operating modes
_x000D_ ground-lift switch for eliminating hum
_x000D_ led indicators for power, signal, clip, and protect
_x000D_ smartfan cooling system is fan-assisted for quiet, reliable operation
_x000D_ protection circuitry prevents damage from overheating, overloads, and short circuits. it will disconnect the outputs when a fault is present, and resume normal operation when the fault has been removed 

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