J. S. BACH Notenbuchlein für Anna Magdalena URTEXT HN349

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J. S. BACH Notenbuchlein für Anna Magdalena URTEXT HN349

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Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach

Codice articolo HN349
Codice edizione: HN 349
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Bach gave his wife Anna Magdalena two handwritten books of music. The second one is of particular value with its gilt-edged, vellum-covered binding. In this little book of 1725 he noted down numerous piano works in the most different styles – both his own and by other composers. The Henle Urtext edition, which incidentally is one of our bestselling titles, faithfully reproduces the complete contents of this manuscript, aside from the movements from the “French Suites” (HN 71) und “Partitas” (HN 28) in the notebook, which can be found elsewhere in the Henle catalogue. It is also an example of beautiful engraving by hand.
Compositore: Johann Sebastian Bach
Strumentazione: Pianoforte
Editore: G. Henle Verlag
Tipologia articolo: Libro
Numero di pagine: 64
ISMN: 9790201803494
Codice edizione: HN 349