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DIGITECH LYRA stompbox featuring 7 tones the Eternal Descent comic book/CD
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The DigiTech® Lyra pedal is a limited-edition stompbox featuring 7 tones created for the music associated with the characters in the Eternal Descent comic book/CD created by Guitarist/Comic Book designer Llexi Leon. The music for the series features some of your favorite guitar heroes including Atreyu, Firewind, Shadows Fall, Static X and others!


Working closely with Llexi Leon and Eddie Kramer, Senior Production Modeling Consultant (and world-class recording engineer), the DigiTech team designed Lyra's set of 7 meticulously-crafted tones utilizing the same gear used on the original Eternal Descent recordings.


The sounds in the Lyra are custom designed tones programmed into 7 Lyra (song) types. There are Level, Gain, and FX Mix knobs for added control over each of the sounds. Harman PS200R DC power adapter included.
•7 Signature tones from Eternal Descent sessions
•Controls for Level, Gain, FX Mix and Lyra
 •Mono or Stereo Outputs
•Custom Eternal Descent Artwork
•Rugged cast-metal chassis
•Includes PS200R power supply
Lyra Modes
The Lyra knob selects one of seven tones taken from songs of the Eternal Descent soundtrack:


1."Crystal Cascade" - A shimmering clean tone laden with repeats. "Memories flooding back, moments lost in time, echo in eternity."
2."The Morass" - An eerie tone with a touch of dirt and a swirling phase. "Distant melodies come bubbling from the black mire."
3."Ethereal Entity" - A saturated lead tone with a slow attack and reverse delay. "The voices of the damned are calling."
4."Divine Lead" - A soaring rock lead with an octave effect. "An aria of the angels"
5."Lyra's Lightning" - A super-charged lead tone with delay. "Lyra's signature shred attack."
6."Dark Blues" - A smooth tweed tone with a plate reverb. "On tour with Constellation 9"
7."Crushing Chaos" - A nightmare of heavy gain and extreme phase shifting. "Machinations of a madman."

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